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Hi, I'm ARDI.A

You can call me Ardi or Arden

ARDI.A is a musician, singer, songwriter, and producer from O‘ahu, Hawai‘i. Formally known as Arden, she is a first-generation Filipino-American immigrant.

Based in LA, Arden is constantly making music. She is very passionate about collaborating with other artists and creatives. She has produced and composed music for various projects on top of her own solo project. She's worked in different mediums such as comedy, acting, voice acting, writing, and podcasting. She finds joy and inspiration in working with other creatives. It's pure magic when artists come together to create.

Arden hopes that her music will encourage others to be honest with themselves and to pursue their dreams. Without a doubt, she believes that we are all destined for great things. Through her music, Arden wants to show love with her creativity. She wants to empower others to live a life of purpose, identity, love, hope, fearlessness, and unshakeable faith.

Latest Track

Check out my Spotify and Apple Music for New Releases! Album ONE out now and Start Again EP! :)

Start Again EP


This was my first EP release, ever. Produced, written, and performed by me. If indie R&B, hip-hop, lofi, soultrap, and chillwave made a baby, this would be it. :)

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This is where I post my thoughts, my journey, and whatever else I feel like sharing with you guys <3

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