Hi, I'm ARDI.A

You can call me Ardi or Arden

ARDI.A is a musician, singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, CA. Formally known as Arden, she is a first-generation Filipino-American immigrant. Born in O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, Arden’s love for music started at the age 4. When her brother got a toy guitar and microphone for Christmas, she instantly claimed it as her own. Ever since then, Arden taught herself how to sing while listening to Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Carlton. She credits her vocal abilities to the countless hours of singing in the shower and in the car. Her parents noticed her love for music and decided to enroll her and her brother in guitar and piano lessons.

In 2006, Arden joined the school band and earned the spot of first chair for alto-saxophone. In high school, she explored the art of songwriting and performed her original songs at local talent shows. She also served in her church as a guitarist and singer for the worship team. By the time she reached college, she started learning music production on her own while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. In order to gain more experience, Arden would perform paid gigs for weddings, birthday parties, and special events in Colorado, Washington, Hawai‘i, and California. Although her parents expected her to pursue a career in nursing or business, she knew that music was her true calling.

In the summer of 2019, she released her first self-produced EP titled “Start Again”. In 2020, she released her first album titled "One". She is constantly creating new music. Producing, writing, and singing all of her own songs, she hopes that her music will encourage others to be honest with themselves and to pursue their dreams. Without a doubt, she believes that we are all destined for great things. Through her music, Arden wants to show love with her creativity. She wants to empower others to live a life of purpose, identity, love, hope, fearlessness, and unshakeable faith. Connect with her through social media or join the mailing list for updates! <3